My Cricket Academy

My Cricket Academy

Academy Facilities

  • Outdoor practice pitches: My cricket academy have four turf pitches and two cement pitches , which is used for batting, bowling, and fielding drills. cricket academy ground fully top lush green ground. its all facilities helping players growing.
  • Indoor practice facilities:  Academy have indoor practice facilities, which can be used for training during inclement weather or for specialized training such as spin bowling or wicket-keeping.
  • Bowling machines: Bowling machines are used to simulate the bowling of a real bowler, and they are a valuable tool for improving batting skills. Academy have one bowling machine, and some have multiple machines.
  • Video analysis equipment: Video analysis equipment can be used to record and analyze cricket performances, which can be helpful for identifying areas for improvement. Academy have video analysis equipment, and others offer video analysis services as an add-on to their training programs.
  • Fitness facilities: My cricket academy will also have personal fitness trainer. Fitness training facilities, such as a gym, to help players improve their physical fitness. This is important for both batting and bowling, as well as for fielding.
  • Coaching staff: The coaching staff at a cricket academy is BCCI certified level2 coaches. essential for providing players with the instruction and guidance they need to improve their skills. we will have a team of experienced coaches who are qualified to teach cricket at all levels.
  • Competitions: This academy organize competitions for their players, which can be a great way to test their skills and improve their game and also offer opportunities to play in tournaments against other academies or clubs.

Cricket Academy videos

  • Hostel facilities:This academy my have hostel facilities for players who live outside of the academy’s city or town. This can be a great option for players who want to focus on their cricket without having to worry about travel or accommodation.

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